Plastic Solutions Forum 2019

Publié le 2 NOV 2018


The Plastic Solutions Forum is proud  to present solutions to the challenges of plastic recycling. 

In Paris on 4-5 February 2019, Éco Entreprises Québec (ÉEQ) and Citeo are holding a Forum entitled “Plastic solutions: Transatlantic Innovation”. Running over two days, the Forum will bring over a dozen innovative companies together in Paris. Every single one of them is at the cutting edge of new plastic recycling techniques (start-ups and established industry players), and they will be joined by big names in retail and logistics, financiers and investors, industrial partners, and political decision-makers.

In a rapidly developing field, the Plastic Solutions Forum is setting out to provide both a comprehensive overview of the state of the art, and access to the decision-makers who will make the difference. In addition to the forum itself, the aim is also to promote the development of new industrial recycling projects by facilitating investment decisions through a pertinent selection of potential partners: project developers, main international clients, public and private financial players, and industry names in the plastics sector.

The aim is to accelerate innovation to reach the industrial scale, and make the promise of a circular economy a full reality. Most observers believe that the sector has recently passed a threshold, and statements of intent are coming in quick succession. Within the next 3-5 years, it is a real possibility that facilities in Europe and North America will be making use of new approaches to plastic recycling based on research into polymers  (depolymerisation, dissolution, purifications, repolymerisation, etc.). 

Sector players and marketers are eagerly awaiting this kind of technology. Because of this, the Forum is setting out to promote the most significant plastic recycling projects from Quebec, North America, and Europe. Attendees will have the opportunity to: 

  • Attend presentations on the most promising technologies and projects
  • Meet the brains behind the technology, one-on-one (requires booking)
  • Listen to policymakers and industry players reveal their programmes to promote plastic recycling








Plastic recycling is now a global challenge: it faces every country, and is a hot topic for every international organisation. Furthermore, technological innovation knows no borders. This is why the Forum is decidedly international in scope: companies have been invited from Canada, France, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, the USA, and Japan. 

Since 2005 in Quebec and 1992 in France, EEQ and CITEO have been working to reduce the environmental impact of everyday products, and further develop eco-design and the collection, sorting, and recycling of household waste. They are also actively engaged in the development of new recycling channels for plastics: a global challenge, and one for which international cooperation is essential.

Quebec and France have similar industrial responsibility systems. EEQ and Citeo have been working together for years, and are both faced with the challenges of plastic recycling, and the pressing need to find solutions. To do this, they have launched an initiative to identify and support European and Quebecois start-ups that are developing the most promising and innovative chemical recycling projects.


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